About us

Today's security threats are more sophisticated and targeted than ever, and they’re growing at an unprecedented rate. Malicious URLs, viruses, and malware have grown almost six-fold in addition the regulatory requirements placed on industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, utilities as well as others are ever growing because of the sensitive nature of the data involved.

Companies need to mitigate the impact of security breaches to avoid data loss and business disruption, implement strong policies and controls that help address information security compliance requirements, and maintain customer confidence. For this reason Cautela (Latin for Security) Labs was formed to provide access to IT security knowledge, expertise, and best practices to design, implement, and maintain a secure IT infrastructure. Cautela Labs provides prevention, detection, and reporting of security threats in a constantly changing landscape.

Cautela Labs Security Services Solutions can help you control costs, improve risk insight, enhance decision making, and drive fast remediation for day-to-day security. It assists in allocating the right resources against dangerous threats, and provides consistency in handling threats and policies across your organization − so you can have one consistent view of your security posture in your organization.

We provide a broad base portfolio on premise and in the cloud, help you to refine security policies, processes to proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats – resulting in better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk by leveraging Cautela Labs’ Security Operation Center (SOC) and our staff of Security Engineers. We monitor the availability and health of security devices located on your premises and connected to our SOC 24x7. Logs and alerts generated by devices are correlated, classified, and analyzed by our tools engine and are interpreted by security analysts. We investigate incidents and take action in response to threats.

We provide proactive management and maintenance of the operating system and software of your security devices. This includes the installation of security patches, hot fixes, service packs, product updates, management of rule-sets and security policies, restoration of devices, and the management of configuration backups.

Simply stated, Cautela Labs delivers flexible managed security services (MSS) that work the way clients want; enhancing their existing security program, infrastructure and personnel while relieving the information security and compliance burden.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to buy, deploy, use and own with no software or hardware to purchase or maintain, no upfront capital investment required, and everything included in one convenient monthly fee.
  • Improves network security by identifying threats and vulnerabilities that evade perimeter and endpoint defenses.
  • Enables regulatory compliance by identifying both incidents and vulnerabilities that could impact compliance-relevant network assets.