Log Retention

This service captures raw logs in their entirety, preserving their integrity for forensic investigation.

Log data is collected and managed via Cautela Labs and accessible to you via the Cautela Labs Customer Portal reporting capabilities.

Cautela Labs Log Retention Service helps organizations satisfy security and compliance requirements for log collection, storage and reporting, without the management overhead and capital expense required for log retention products.

Our Log Retention service can store years of historical log data for investigating unauthorized access issues, post-incident analysis of security issues, as well as forensics investigations and court proceedings.

In addition customers can generate prebuilt compliance reports to demonstrate compliance with log retention requirements for regulatory entities such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FDIC, NERC and other regulatory mandates.

Our Modeling and Correlation Engine accurately identifies and correlates events.

Automatic threat alerts can be sent directly to customer inboxes, mobile phones or ticketing system.

Information Risk Assessment

Cautela Labs helps you via its information risk analysis methodology to analyze business information risk and select the right controls to mitigate that risk.

Professional Services


Services to help federal agencies and their affiliates in their FISMA compliance efforts to improve your security controls in accordance with NIST SP 800-53 for security controls.


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