IDS/IPS Management

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) devices can provide a highly effective layer of security designed to protect critical assets from cyber threats. Organizations can detect attempts by attackers to compromise systems, applications and data by deploying network IDS. However, keeping the devices tuned and up-to-date so they are effective is a challenge for many organizations and requires specialized skills. The IDS/IPS devices are only effective if they are well tuned to the current threats and the network in which they are deployed. IDS devices can generate thousands of alerts each day and are very prone to false positives, making it difficult to identify true threats and take timely action to protect assets.

Cautela Labs Security team can help alleviate this burden and enable more effective operation of your Intrusion Detection and Prevention technologies. Our Managed Network IDS/IPS service is provided in an unlimited and unmetered fashion with no limits placed on configuration changes, policy requests, help desk tickets and support from our expert SOC staff. Our security professionals serve as an extension of your security team, providing recommendations and expert guidance as needed. Signature tuning and device management ensures you will get the maximum value out of your devices. When the service is first implemented, our engineers conduct extensive base lining to tailor detection and alerting to the customer network. Using intelligence on the latest exploits and attack methods, our device engineers fine-tune IDS signatures to maximize detection capabilities in the customer network. Managed devices are continually tuned, based on intelligence about emerging threats and as the customer network changes. Cautela Labs Security Engineers monitor IDS and IPS to analyze events and identify threats. All event information is analyzed, including full packet payloads. Events are correlated across all available information sources, including other IDS and IPS devices, firewall logs, network devices, host and application logs, vulnerability scan results, and asset information. This intelligence is fed back into our services to enhance Managed Network IDS/IPS monitoring and response capabilities. When a customer is at risk, our security professionals respond to counter the threat.

Cautela Labs’ Managed IDS/IPS service offers flexible support in the most complex environments, allowing our Cautela Labs to tailor services to each customer's individual needs. Appliances can be managed in a traditional managed services model, where customer personnel have limited or no administrative privileges for their IDS/IPS devices. Cautela Labs also supports a joint support model, with this approach, our experts alleviate the management, maintenance and monitoring burdens without the customer being locked out of their infrastructure.

Information Risk Assessment

Cautela Labs helps you via its information risk analysis methodology to analyze business information risk and select the right controls to mitigate that risk.

Professional Services


Services to help federal agencies and their affiliates in their FISMA compliance efforts to improve your security controls in accordance with NIST SP 800-53 for security controls.


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