Web Vulnerability Scanning (WVS)

Cautela Labs leverages its software as a service tools to scan all applications residing on your enterprise’s web servers, proxy servers, web application servers, as well as all active web services.

  • The scanner crawls your entire website, analyzing each file it finds and displays the entire website structure.
  • It then performs an automatic audit for common web security vulnerabilities by launching a series of Web attacks.
  • Web applications are deconstructed on the code level to reveal potentially malicious code sequences and embedded scripts that could launch an attack.
  • Cautela Labs identifies application vulnerabilities as well as site exposure risk, ranks threat priority, produces highly graphical, intuitive reports, and indicates site security posture by vulnerabilities and threat level.

Information Risk Assessment

Cautela Labs helps you via its information risk analysis methodology to analyze business information risk and select the right controls to mitigate that risk.

Professional Services


Services to help federal agencies and their affiliates in their FISMA compliance efforts to improve your security controls in accordance with NIST SP 800-53 for security controls.


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