Cautela Labs Adds to its existing certifications.


Phoenix – November 18, 2013 – Cautela Labs today announced that its organization has renewed and added a series of industry certifications to its base. This commitment to expanding the knowledgebase of its engineers and the organization as a whole allows Cautela Labs to stay involved in current IT security issues and also provides the type of expertise that our clients have come to expect from Cautela Labs. A sample of the certifications and memberships that Cautela Labs currently holds are as follows:





ISO 27001:

IEEE Cloud Computing:

Checkpoint Certified:

OWASP Member

HTCIA Member Member


About Cautela Labs

Cautela Labs is a provider of a portfolio on premise and in the cloud security services that help you to refine security policies and processes to proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats – resulting in better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk. Cautela Labs’ Security Services Solutions help you control costs, improve risk insight, enhance decision making, and drive fast remediation for day-to-day security. It assists in allocating the right resources against dangerous threats, and provides consistency in handling threats and policies across your organization − so you can have one consistent view of your security posture in your organization.