Cautela Labs Expands and moves its U.S. based Security Operations Center, Phoenix


Phoenix – April 2, 2013 – Cautela Labs today announced the relocation of their U.S. based SOC facility to a new and larger facility at 5080 North 40th Street, Phoenix, Arizona. The new facilities will allow for the expansion of our U.S. Security Operation Center as that group has expanded a great deal and now gives us two worldwide. This accommodates the growing footprint in the Managed Security space that Cautela Labs has experienced and expects to see going forward. The new facility represents over 3,000 square feet of state of the art monitoring and security operations were Cautela Labs clients will greatly benefit from the expanded facilities and services that Cautela Labs will be able to deliver.


About Cautela Labs

Cautela Labs is a provider of a portfolio on premise and in the cloud security services that help you to refine security policies and processes to proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats – resulting in better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk. Cautela Labs’ Security Services Solutions help you control costs, improve risk insight, enhance decision making, and drive fast remediation for day-to-day security. It assists in allocating the right resources against dangerous threats, and provides consistency in handling threats and policies across your organization − so you can have one consistent view of your security posture in your organization.