Cautela Labs Introduces its Axiom Security Portal


Phoenix – September 2, 2013 – Cautela Labs today announced the latest release for its Axiom Security Portal that provides a single view for clients as well as Cautela Labs security Engineers. This release it’s a total re-architecture of this application, and provides the ability for easily add further system interfaces addition as technology presents itself going forward. The Axiom Security Portal provides a single view for a client and provides a number of features such as:


  1. 1. Provides in-depth graphical representation of the events that are being collected either by the log collector or the intrusion detection system
  2. 2. Insight into the issues that are being reviewed by the security analysts 24x7 and any escalation of the alarms details
  3. 3. With the availability of Axiom Security Portal all the events/alarms are at your fingertips with flexibility to access all the open, closed and escalated tickets.
  4. 4. View the details of the alarms and take action as to acknowledge or close the event as and when needed.
  5. 5. View the amount of logs collected from each device.
  6. 6. Access to setup user access profile plus manage your companies user including able to reset password and create/enable/disable users within your organization
  7. 7. Instantaneous access to security analyst online with chat feature built-in
  8. 8. The Axiom Security Portal meets the key compliance requirements, like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley.


About Cautela Labs

Cautela Labs is a provider of a portfolio on premise and in the cloud security services that help you to refine security policies and processes to proactively identify vulnerabilities and prioritize threats – resulting in better visibility, enhanced security, and reduced risk. Cautela Labs’ Security Services Solutions help you control costs, improve risk insight, enhance decision making, and drive fast remediation for day-to-day security. It assists in allocating the right resources against dangerous threats, and provides consistency in handling threats and policies across your organization − so you can have one consistent view of your security posture in your organization